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The mobile site is basically completed.  If you have been
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change for you.  On your cell phone?  Now you can use
the site as well.  Like the audio rosaries?  Save the page
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Works with your phone up or sideways.  I still prefer
sideways but I do require reading glasses.

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If you aren't on a cell, you can still use these pages if
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1.  The Introduction Page
Good place to start if you've never prayed a rosary or if it
has been a while since you prayed a rosary.
A brief history of the rosary is included on this page.

2.  The Beginning Prayers Page
Start here if you are ready to pray the scriptural rosary
now.  Audio rosaries available near the top of the page.

3.  The Scriptural Rosary Store
Scriptural Rosary Books
Assorted Catholic Books
Catholic Bibles
CDs, DVDs, E-books and much more!

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