Why the Scriptural Rosary?

In 1995 I met a group of people praying the scriptural rosary in our church.  They asked me to join them
and they gave me a scriptural rosary book.  I loved the scriptural rosary and the book they gave me.

At this time I was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and it was great to meet such a supportive group
of people to pray the rosary with me.  We met every Thursday to pray the scriptural rosary then we
would spend about 30 minutes afterward socializing over coffee and donuts.  This continued for all 4
months of my treatment and quite a while after the treatment was completed.  It was awesome.  And
yes!  I have been cancer free since 1995 so praise God for that!

In 2007, I was a parishioner at Divine Redeemer Catholic Church.  The priest there met me in the
parking lot one day before an evening mass on Tuesday.  He asked me to meet him in the back of the
church where he then told me that he wanted me to be an altar server at today's mass.  Later, he asked
me to be a lector at another daily mass.  I got into the habit of attending mass every Tuesday and
Thursday evening and usually helped out as a lector or altar server.  The rosary was prayed before every
daily mass and was very often led by a woman named Melissa.  It was not a scriptural rosary but when
Melissa led us, I really felt moved and my devotion to the rosary really increased.

Well, in 2008, I wanted to pray a scriptural rosary but I could not find my book so I did a search for
scriptural rosary on line.  I was very disappointed. I found very few and none of them compared to my
missing book.  So... I got to work building my own website with the hope that others would come to
experience the joy and the peace that I felt whenever I prayed one.  I am so glad that you found this site
and I sincerely hope that you have come to love the scriptural rosary with the many blessings and
benefits that come when you pray it regularly.

Of course, when I decided to record the audio scriptural rosary I asked Melissa if she would record them
for me too.  She agreed.  If you haven't prayed an audio rosary with Melissa I strongly encourage it.  You
will not be disappointed.

You can find the audio rosaries at the top of
the Beginning Prayers page.

Thanks again for visiting the site.  I hope you will come back often and pray.  If you do, please include
the site and its intentions in your prayers.

Thanks and God Bless,




P.S.  When I created this site I was a mortgage broker.  With the housing crisis in 2008, I left the
mortgage industry after 10 years and volunteered with Catholic Volunteers in Florida.  I worked as a case
worker with homeless veterans at an organization called WIN/Vet. (When In Need/Veterans).

After a year of volunteer service I was asked to stay on as the WIN/Vet Program Director.  We provided
transitional housing to homeless veterans and worked closely with the VA Hospital in Viera, FL to help
these veterans improve their physical and mental health, if necessary, while also helping them to obtain
a permanent income and permanent housing.  I did this for 5 years and enjoyed it very, very much.

Now I am back in the mortgage business with CBC National Bank.  It's a nationwide lender with great
rates and a variety of programs and I would love to help anyone that is considering refinancing or buying
a home.

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