The  mission is very simple, to get more people in the practice of praying the rosary on a daily basis.
You can help.

The Scriptural Rosary has been especially helpful for me.  It has helped me to experience the Mysteries
better and to understand more clearly, the importance of Jesus in the Rosary Prayer.  The illustrations help
bring the reality of each Mystery into focus.

Many people spend countless hours in front of their computers performing various tasks.  Please bookmark
this site and try to develop the habit of spending 15-20 minutes praying the Rosary online.  I doubt it will
take away from your computer experience.  Indeed, I am rather hopeful that it will enhance it greatly.

Thanks for visiting!  Be sure to click on the "Help Us Reach Our Goal" image above.  It's a BIG goal!

It's available 24/7 - please come back often.

Finally, if you would like to purchase a scriptural rosary book I may be able to save you money on shipping
and handling if you purchase the book(s) from me.  Your purchase will help support this mission.

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