This Scriptural Rosary website is indeed available 24/7.  What about
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computer is not conveniently available!

This book is no longer available.  They published a new edition.  
The font is much smaller.  I can't read it without my glasses!

No worries!  Please use the link below to see my new favorite.

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I found a new book...  I really like it!

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3 Times on the Catholic Best Seller's List for Children
as compiled by Catholic Book Publisher's Association

Speak, Lord, I am Listening (2nd Edition)

By Christine Haapala

Illustrations by Gus Muller

Includes Luminous Mysteries and Study Guide

This Scriptural Rosary prayer book presents the richness of the
Sacred Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary in terms that children
can visualize and understand.

$15.95 per book
(Includes Shipping and Handling)
The Psalter of Jesus and Mary

By Christine Haapala

Illustrations by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

A Scriptural Rosary according to Psalms and Proverbs

Pocket size prayer book. This Scriptural Rosary presentation
includes selections from Psalms and Proverbs with the prayers
of the 20 mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary. 96 pages and
includes 45 illustrations from both the Old and New Testament.

$5.95 per book
(Includes Shipping and Handling)
From Genesis to Revelation:
Seven Scriptural Rosaries

By Christine Haapala

Illustrations by Christine Parson

This is the most extensive collection of Scriptural Rosaries you
will find in one book. Seven in all, one for each day of the week.
Each Scriptural Rosary contains a thematic set of 150 Bible
quotations that are specially selected to accompany and
illuminate meditation on the mysteries of the Rosary from the
books of the Old and New Testament.

$13.95 per book
(Includes Shipping and Handling)
Discounts for bulk orders: "Live The Mystery" Scriptural Rosary Book
Great as a gift!
5 Books - $7.45 Each                    10 Books - $6.95 Each                    20 Books - $6.45 Each   
Total Price - $37.25                       Total Price - $69.50                       Total Price - $129.00
Feel My Presence -Holy Hour Book

Written By Rev. Evan A. Howard, O.F.M.

This booklet includes Psalms, The Chaplet of the Divine
a Scriptural Rosary with all twenty
Mysteries of the Rosary
and the Divine Praises. This
booklet is beautifully laid out in an easy to follow prayer
that can be prayed alone or in a group setting. This
paperback book is 8.5" x 5.5" and contains 72 pages.

$9.95 per book
(Includes Shipping and Handling)
101 Inspirational Stories of the Rosary

101 true, real-life experiences will show you just how powerful the rosary is. "Sr Paricia
has put together a knock-your-socks-off collection of true stories that will inspire both
new and veteran prayers of the're going to love this book."
(Recommendation from cover by authors Mitch and Kathy Finley.)

From the forward,Bishop William Skylstad writes: "Each story carries with it a witness
of faith that helps to make up our common spiritual heritage in the Catholic Church. I
suspect that each of us in reading these accounts will come more into contact with our
own experience of praying the rosary and appreciate even more its transforming and
consoling power."

Includes beautiful meditations for the rosary (Mysteries of Light, too!); Apostolic letter
of Pope John Paul II on the rosary; History of rosary by Fr Richard Gribble; How to
pray the Rosary.

From the Inside Flap...

This book cannot fail. The stories are great and the rosary is greater yet!
Msgr. William Van Ommeren- Spiritual Director

$14.95 per book
(Includes Shipping and Handling)
The New Rosary in Scripture

This popular introduction to praying the Rosary draws readers
new "Luminous Mysteries"-in the context of Scripture. The
book explains Pope John Paul II's profound reflections on the
meaning of the Rosary, addresses commonly asked questions
about Mary and the Rosary, presents his practical teaching on
how to pray it, and provides the biblical background for all
twenty mysteries. It also includes a Scriptural Rosary that offers
ten Bible texts suitable for meditation on each mystery. An
appendix offers the complete text of Pope John Paul II's
Apostolic Letter, Rosarium Virginis Mariae.

$19.95 per book
(Includes Shipping and Handling)
Fantastic job explaining the
rosary prayer and each
mystery.  It also has a Scriptural
Rosary for all 20 mysteries.

Both timely and clearly written.  
The New Rosary in Scripture
stands out among recent books
on this invaluable devotion.  
Dr. Sri has produced a book
that makes Scripture come alive
in ways that will deepen
personal prayer and strengthen
our appreciation of Mary in
God's plan and in our own lives.

-Scott Hahn
President, The St. Paul Center
for Biblical Theology
A Scriptural Rosary

By Christine Haapala

Illustrations by Gustave Dore

Align your sufferings with those of Christ and His Blessed Mother.

This prayer book integrates poignant Sacred Scripture verses about
courage and fortitude, the prayers of the twenty mysteries of the Most
Holy Rosary, and 28 illustrations from the inspired artistry of the 19th
century Catholic illustrator Gustave Dore. Perfect meditations for
everyone who wants to pray and unite their sufferings with the
sufferings of Christ.

$9.95 per book
(Includes Shipping and Handling)