Today we met our goal of 250,000 rosaries prayed.  The
new goal is 500,000 or half of the original and final goal
of 1,000,000.  I just turned 56 in January.  Last year,
about 42,500 rosaries were prayed.  At that pace it will
take about 6 years to hit the new goal.  Please spread the
word to all of your friends and acquaintances.  I would
still like to see the day we hit the original goal of
1,000,000 rosaries prayed.  I need your help!  Thanks
and God bless.


Thank you!  Today we surpassed 100,000 rosaries
prayed.  Our new goal will be 250,000.  Please continue
to participate and please tell your friends and
acquaintances about the site and its mission.

I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying the benefits and
blessings of spending time with God through the most
holy rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Based on the last week (WE 8/16/08), it would take over
150 years to reach 1,000,000 rosaries prayed.  The site is
only 7 months old and I haven't given up on this goal.  
That said, perhaps it makes more sense to focus on a goal
that would appear more attainable in the next 10-15 years.

We'll just divide by 10 and set the first new goal at

Starting in September, the weekly numbers will reflect
time frames based on 100,000 rosaries prayed at

Thank you all for your participation.

Please continue to help spread the word.

I pray you are all experiencing the blessings of Jesus and
His Mother in a new and powerful way through Her Most
Holy Rosary.