Please Spread The Word!
You are the most important ingredient to the
success of this rosary site and its mission!
share the good news with at least two friends or
acquaintances.  People that will also commit to praying
the Holy Rosary on a regular basis.

Please use this share bar:                                 

This makes it very easy to post on your facebook, twitter
or other sort of account.  You can also use the bar to
email friends or relatives or text message them if you're
on your phone.

The math is easy.  If you get 2 others to commit to
praying our Scriptural Rosary, and they both do the same
and so on, then if it takes each person 1 week to
accomplish this task, they will have added in one month's
time, 30 new participants.  That's 30 in one month!

Hypothetically, one person could add 510 participants in
just two months.  Please don't be bashful.  If you believe
the Scriptural Rosary is helping you, please make it
important to invite friends to also participate.  Imagine
what the Queen of Heaven can do with so many praying
the Holy Rosary!