William - East Wenatchee, Washington...  Today I made a choice, that choice was
to give one hour of my time to the Holy and Undivided Trinity. A Divine Mercy Chaplet
Novena and a Scriptural Rosary filled that time. Lent is in the rearview mirror, but that
doesn't mean we can stop praying. Warriors continue! Billy

Giles - Alton, Hampshire...  Only by fasting and prayer will the Lord's Will be done.

Cheryl - Fresno, California...  Praying a scriptural rosary really helps me to focus on
the mysteries and keeps my busy mind from wandering, I found a few online, but none
help me connect better than yours. I started praying the rosary daily during Lent this
year and have found such peace and joy through daily recitation. Thank you very much
for this website.

Mary - Torrance, California...  I love to pray the scriptural rosary because it is very
informative and simple to understand. I like to pray it by myself because I feel more
closer with God that way.. Thank you and God bless you!

Henrietta - Milan, New Mexico...  Thank you for this website. I absolutely love
praying the scriptural rosary. To connect each Hail Mary to the life of Jesus is so
beautiful! Thank you!

Marie - Taylor, Michigan...  I love the spiritual rosary recited by Melissa. She speaks
slowly and clearly and is very easy to understand. The scriptures bring each decade of the
rosary to life and give me much to reflect on as I say it with her. I have never felt so
moved spiritually by saying the rosary and feel that Mary directed me to your website so
that I could experience this remarkable gift of prayer.

Patricia - Columbia, South Carolina...  I am praying the 54 day Rosary with
Church Militant.  They use this format. I was up early and prayed it already but may pray
it with them also we need so many prayers right now for our Country and our President.
This world has gone insane. I will use this site again this evening for the Luminous
Mysteries. Thank you so much for this site.

Fidel De Vera - Gresham, Oregon...  Let's continue to pray that those who prayed
when the Covid-19 pandemic started will persevere. It's disheartening to see the drop in
numbers from April and May... Seeing the drop, I started praying all four mysteries each
day with hope that people continue to pray more each day.

Answer:  Thanks Fidel.  There were a few groups, the Knights of Columbus and some
other church groups that prayed often in large groups during May, a month
traditionally devoted to Mary.  But I'm with you all the way on this.  It was great to see
some really big numbers for the last 4 months! Thanks to all for your continued
support of the site and its mission! - Bill

One more thing.  I do advertise on Google.  The average cost per click is only $0.07.  So
if you want to help with reaching more people searching on Google... a $5 donation
would pay for 71 clicks!  It doesn't take much if you want to help the site reach more

Dee - McMinnville, Oregon...  I love the scriptural Rosary. It not only fills my soul
with the Word of God, but each verse also reminds me of how to pray for someone. My
desire is to "imitate what they contain, and obtain what they promise." Thank you so
much for this website, it is a blessing.

Mallory - Cape Coral, Florida...  This site is such a blessing. The access to the
scriptural rosary and being able to so easily follow along and do it fully to the closing
prayers is again, such a blessing. Thank you for putting it together and sharing it so that
myself and anyone else may be able to access it and grow from it. Thank You!

Billy - East Wenatchee,  Washington...  I so much appreciate this site, as it uses
the scriptures to help focus and concentrate on this plea to Jesus through Mary.

Denise - Vacaville, California...  Bill, thank you for creating this site for the rosary,
especially for the scriptural rosary. As a novice just starting out this step by step really
helps me a lot. I choose to pray the rosary to learn and grow closer to Our Lady, Our Holy
Mother Mary. She is Devine and I want to be more like her. I am passing this site on to
the RCIA class at my Parish St. Joseph. Again, THANK YOU! -Denise

Ben - Johannesburg, South Africa... I'm very grateful to be a part of this Beautiful
Program.  Amen.

Kathy - Chagrin Falls, Ohio...  I just finished praying the entire Rosary and the
scripture passages you have chosen were wonderful and they kept me focused. I'm so
glad I found your website! Thank you!

Mary - Danvers, Massachusetts...  I find the female voice and her thoughtfully and
clearly and sweetly spoken words most soothing and mild to listen to. The inclusion of
scripture truly helps me to consider the meaning of the life of our savior Jesus. Thank
you for this enjoyable and worthwhile and appealing presentation of the mysteries of
the most holy rosary of the blessed Virgin Mary, including a focus on the virtues to
learn during each decade.

Edwina - New Orleans, Louisiana... Didn't know this site existed. Just Googled for
audio of the rosary.  I was at work trying to pray for the pandemic and this was very
helpful. Thank you so much!

Richard - Rochester, New York...  Hi Bill. I have been praying the Rosary 99% of
time at least 1-2 mysteries a day for a year I cant express how much your website has
helped my life!! I'm very ill but when I pray your scriptural Rosary, I feel so relaxed my
mind and concentration is fixated with every spoken word!! During this time I feel no
pain or anxiety due to my chronic illnesses. I am also dyslexic and through the spoken
word I understand everything. I cannot express how thankful I am to you for setting up
this Scriptural Rosary website, it truly deserves special recognition from our Lord and
the blessed Mother Mary. I thank you Bill and Melissa for all your hard work.  May our
Lord and our Blessed Mother Mary bless you both. Thank You. Richard

Audrey - Winstead, Connecticut...  When we have been denied Mass in person, we
can commune with Jesus through Mary and her scriptural rosary!

Elizabeth - Mumbai, India...  God be glorified in your work.

Gregory - Citra, Florida...  I love the scriptural rosary and try to say it every day
since discovering it in 2012.

Raul - Woodbridge, New Jersey...  I was happy to find this guide to the Rosary
May God bless you greatly. A Puerto Rican from New Jersey

Anna - Raleigh, North Carolina...  I am updating my church's website and would
like to include a link to this site in a new Resources section on the site. Is that okay with

Answer:  Hi Anna.  Please include a link.  I encourage it and you can have your church
added to the list on
this page in the site.  Thank you!

Ann - Bournemouth, UK...  I love saying this rosary. I always found it hard to say
but the points on each bead, together with the picture, makes it so easy. Also, having
the prayers easy to hand is excellent. Thank you

Mirriam - Johannesburg, South Africa...  Thank you for the mysteries of the

Christine - Brookfield, Wisconsin...  This is excellent!  Thanks for all you do.  The
prayers still have reference to Pope Benedict.  Were you going to change it to Pope

Answer:  Hi Christine.  Thanks for your feedback and your support of the site and its
mission.  I am recording new audio rosaries and they will simply ask for prayers for
"The Pope" this time so I won't have to record them again if/when we have a new Pope.

Jane - Melbourne, VIC...  Praise God!

Jeff - Tuckerton, New Jersey...  I find this website to be well thought out, and brings
the scriptural rosary to light. Thank you for making the site MOBILE Friendly, since
90% of the time I am on a mobile device. I agree with you that Melissa is a moving
force with her calm and sincere voice. God Bless you, your families, and everyone that
visits this sight.

Tiff - Denton, Texas...  Hi! I've been following your website since 2009, and I love the
updates you've added. Especially the mobile friendly and scriptural rosary for the souls
in Purgatory. I had a question regarding that one in particular. On that Rosary, is the
concluding prayer after the last mystery a prayer you wrote or did someone else write it?
If it could be added, I was thinking at the end of the line: "we ask You to have Mercy on
the Poor Souls in Purgatory, and in particular for our parents, relatives, spiritual guides,
and benefactors!" you could also add "and the unknown souls who have no one to pray
for them" or something to that effect. Thank you for what you do and your website. It's
been a great blessing to me these past 10 years!

Answer:  Hi Tiff.  Thanks for your feedback and your support of the site and its
mission for so many years.  I used a rosary for the poor souls in Purgatory that I found
on line.  I like your idea so I'll add it in parenthesis so people can pray it as an option at
the end of the rosary for the souls in Purgatory.  Thanks again!

Patricia - Summerfield, Florida...  Thank you.  Your Rosary means so much to me. I
will keep you and yours in my prayers.  May God bless.

Chelle - Augusta, Kansas...  Your scriptural holy rosary is the best. Your scriptural
rosary is one of the greatest ways I have found to keep my mind from wondering. God is
surely going to bless you & yours.

Sheila - Winter Park, Florida...  I've used this beautiful site for the last year or so.
And I love the additional rosary for souls in Purgatory. It is wonderful to pray this for
those poor souls.

Deanna - Deer River, Minnesota...  Thank you so much for this site. It helps me so
much in my daily prayer.

Mark - Fresno, Ohio...  Many thanks from a 3rd OP in Amish country.

Dawn - Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia... Reciting the Scriptural Rosary blesses my soul. I
have passed it on to family and friends. Thank you and may God continue to bless your
good works.

Kimberly - Cleveland, Ohio...  This scriptural rosary is exactly what I've been looking
for. It is set up so it's very easy to read while really focusing on the mysteries.
Thank you so much!

Patria - Philippines...  Praying the Scriptural Rosary makes you feel that you are
present and partof what is happening . Thank you.

Nolan - Bahamas...  I enjoy praying the rosary as it is a source of grace.

Thomas - Breaux Bridge, Louisiana...  Love your website, thanks.

Alma - Texas...  The Scriptural Rosary is a precious treasure to share with my daughter
and friends.  It will be an effective tool to get them to pray the Holy Rosary.  Thank you
Melissa for sharing your angelic voice.  May God bless you so dearly.

Jeff - Saint Augustine, Florida...  As an Anglo-Catholic, I am discovering a new
devotion to our Blessed Mother. God has answered my prayers for wisdom with
undeniable certainty that Mary is for all Christians.

Barbara -  Ithaca, New York... I am at adoration at 3:30 am and found your site. It is
a blessing.  Thank you for taking the time.

Barbara - Suffolk, Virginia...  This is such a wonderful site, I have returned to
Church after many years.  This site has helped me with saying the Rosary.  God Bless

Lynn - Baltimore, Maryland... Hi, I think your official rosary count is a fraction off
those prayed using your web site! A lot of people don't understand about registering and
just pray the rosary. Of course, it's not JUST praying the rosary! You probably have
already met your rosary goal, just sayin.' But don't let that stop you!
(I keep track of the count. When you check the box and hit "submit" I receive an email.  
You can also use the group box to tell me how many prayed.  Both are located at the end
of the rosary on the "Closing Prayers" page.)

Adam - Easton, Massachusetts...  Thank you for providing a Rosary in honor of the
Holy Souls in Purgatory. I made a promise to pray for these souls each day and now I can
do that effortlessly!

Joanie - Iron Mountain, Michigan...  Finally, I found a "recorded rosary" that is not
rushed but is prayed with reverence and delicate devotion.

Anne-Marie - Longmont, Colorado...  Love praying the rosary with Melissa.  Her
tranquil voice feels so angelic.  Thank you.

Mary - Port Orange, Florida...  I just found you! I feel that I prayed with some more
attention and devotion. Thank you for this wonderful mission!

Travis - Powell River, British Columbia,Canada...   May Jesus' Divine Mercy flow
through all of those who are in need of His love and  grace; and may all be filled with the
graces necessary to find salvation.  Help to bring peace and love to the world.  May all
who serve in political office be filled with the grace to do what is right and just for all.  
Pray for the intentions of Our Holy Father, Pope Francis.  AMEN

Dennis - Cudahy, Wisconsin...   I can't tell you how much I enjoy saying the rosary
this way. I close my eyes and listen and pray along with Melissa, it makes it easy to avoid
any distractions and to truly meditate on the mysteries. Thank you so much.

Anna Marie -  I am privileged to pray this scriptural rosary with our prayer group at
Our Lady of Fatima Chapel in Chicago on the visit of the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima -
8-29-16. Thank you Dear Mother Mary my Mary Mama!

Nancy - Wake Forest, North Carolina...  Today I needed this to help me "get
through" the beloved Rosary.  I was being distracted beyond my usual distractions and it
seemed as if the devil was throwing darts and pulling on my hem constantly until I was
able to pray here.  Deo gratias.
Thank you!

Lisa - Metairie, Louisiana...  Thank you for providing us with this beautiful site to
use in our daily morning prayer.

Dawn - Arizona...  This way to pray the rosary is so helpful for me. I see the prayers,
which is good for preventing distraction. That way there is the mental and visual mode as
I pray.
Thank you so much for doing this. I love this site.

Shonmarie - Akron, Ohio...  I just learned about the scriptural Rosary and prayed my
first one today. I found this website and am so happy I did.  Thank you and may God
continue to Bless this ministry.

Ruth - Omaha, Nebraska...   I just discovered your site and bookmarked it right
away.  I can tell it's going to be such a help to me.  I'm not very disciplined in prayer and
appreciate all the help I can get.  What a wonderful gift you are!  Thank you.

Nancy - Wake Forest, North Carolina...   I pray with Melissa when I am by
myself...If my husband is in the room, I pray with Bill :)  I want my non-Catholic
wonderful husband to experience the beauty of the Rosary too.  Thank you so very much
for this!

Greg - Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada...  I have been reading "Divine Mercy in my
Soul", Diary of St Faustina, and have had many graces from it. I asked the Lord for some
sign to know that these were from him. I was travelling last week and while saying the
Rosary, I had different thoughts while praying on the mysteries. Upon returning home, I
came upon your website and found that the meditations I had were from the Scriptural
Rosary. I had never seen them before. I now use your site everyday for the Rosary and
the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  May God continue to bless this site.

Tony - Miami, Florida...   I have been praying with Melissa for about nine months or
so. The clarity and sweetness in her voice is Heaven sent. I meditate through the
Mysteries with great understanding and passion. Sometimes I get so deeply involved that
I become part of the scripture. Thank you for your dedicated work. And hope that for
every letter that you press into word, may bring you a thousand blessings from our Lord.  
I will keep you in my daily prayers and hope you return the favor as well.

Kathy - Collegeville, Pennsylvania...   I just recently started saying a daily rosary.  It
is good to be able to join my rosary with so many others being said.

Lisa - Harmony, Pennsylvania...   This is one of the best Scriptural Rosaries I havery
ever done. So beautiful! Thank you for having this online! God bless!

Dave - Burnaby, British Columbia...   It is wonderful to pray with brothers and
sisters in the Lord.  The Communion of Saints is visibly and powerfully felt when we
pray together in this way.
Thank you for providing us with this opportunity.

Kenneth - Olney, Maryland...  So glad I found this. One thing I struggle with when
praying the Rosary which I do daily is trying to meditate and keep my mind from
wandering to other things. Contemplating the scriptural verses is a tremendous help.
Thank you so much for this. God Bless and Ave Maria!

Rosanne - Los Alamos, New Mexico...  We are so close to praying 200,000
rosaries!!  Let's try to get there by the end of 2015. We can do it!

Stephen - Cape Town, South Africa...  What a wonderful, helpful way to pray the
Scriptural Holy Rosary daily! I find it's much easier to pray with your recordings. Thank
you so much. I pray that Our Holy, Heavenly Mother, Mary Immaculate may Bless you

Rick - Monroe, Louisiana...   I love this site! Have not tried the audio Rosary yet, but
all the feedback says it is wonderful, so I will pray it next. Thank you very much!

Becky - Baton Rouge, Louisiana...  WONDERFUL Website!  Your mother would be
proud. :-)
(She would know.  Thanks sis!)

Gregory - Metairie, Louisiana...   I haven't been praying my rosary every day like in
the past and the Lord put on my heart audio rosary,I search the web and found yours
what a beautiful gift I was able to complete my rosary today and my spirit is rejoicing.
I'm a convert of 23 years  absolutely fell in love with our Lord Jesus and our mama
Mary.  Thank you for making this beautiful rosary available free of charge it's my budget
right now, Lol. God bless you and your family

Scott - Fort Worth, Texas...   I regularly use this website praying with both you and
Melissa. I enjoy the Scriptural version and it helps with my meditation.  This site helped
me finish my Confirmation in the Church. I am very grateful!!

Joshua - Dallas, Texas...  My wife and I pray along with Melissa every night, and have
done so for years. The Rosary is the most powerful prayer Christians have and Melissa's
beautiful voice makes it such a joy for us to pray.  Thank you very much for your
ministry and God bless you!

Tim - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...  Thank you for such a beautiful way of praying;
focusing on the wonderful, beautiful way to recite the rosary.

Wangui - Nairobi...  Finding your website was one of the best  additions in my
Christian life.  I visit the site daily to say the Rosary.  Saying it along with Melissa makes
it easy to concentrate on each Mystery.  I have also shared the site with my small
Christian community members and some have said they find it very useful.

Marilyn - Alabama...   I have enjoyed saying the rosary on this site. It helps to keep
me focused on each of the mysteries and to relive the life of Christ. Thank you for the
audio as well, as I can say the rosary in my car.

Mae Jane - Germany...   I did not have my scriptural rosary prayer book with me and
so I found your website online. Very thankful that I did and will use this as a resource in
the future. Thank you and may God  bless your ministry.

Susan - Fort Valley, Georgia...   My desire is to say the rosary everyday, especially
after praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. This is the best scriptural rosary I have found;
the pictures accompanying the rosary are beautiful and truly help with the concentration
for the rosary.I usually ask Our Blessed Mother, Mary to aide me with this, so as to pay
close attention to what Our Blessed Jesus has truly done for us. May Our Lord richly
bless you and thank you so much for sharing this form of the rosary with us. Peace be
with you.

Tommy - Albuquerque, New Mexico...   I pray the rosary sometimes 3 and 4 times a
day for all of my family.  I want to do the Scriptural Rosary at least once a day.  I love it.

Diana - Colorado...   I am a recent widow.  My husband and I prayed the holy Rosary
every night together, as well as in the car often, etc.  I miss his voice and presence. In
addition, I fell and broke my arm three weeks ago.  Your prayerful voice and cadence just
carried me through with the sweet words of scripture and the treasured Rosary prayers.  
I will be back often.  Thank you for your faithful inspiration.  Bless you.


Elizabeth - Deming, New Mexico...   I was amazed I didn't know the rosary was
scriptural, I loved it, because it helps me to meditate, and my mind doesn't go elsewhere,
I definitely would recommend it to my family and friends.  Thank you very much!

Anne - Philippines...   This scriptural rosary is so very appropriate for prayer
meditation, thank you!

Anthony - Port St. Lucie, Florida...  My grandparents and I say the Rosary every day
over the telephone and most of the time we use your site to meditate on the mysteries!
Although they live in New York and I live in Florida, it has brought us closer to each
other than ever before, but more importantly - it has brought us closer to our Lord.
Thank you!!!!!!

Wayne - Hobarta, Tasmania...  Thank you for the Rosary. I find the audio scriptural
Rosary particularly beneficial, with Melissa's recitation I suffer less with distractions and
keeps me focused on what is a very beautiful prayer to Our Blessed Mother. Thank You.

Louis - Thank you for having this rosary on line that we can say easy! When I say the
rosary I find a lot of peace and feel loved by Jesus.

Jesslyn - Thank you so much for this website! You have no idea how much this has
helped me! God is great, and I am closer to Mary than ever!

VeraLucia - Calgary, AB (Canada)...  Thank you for this great site. My husband and
I were exhausted today and we needed "someone else" to lead the Rosary. We prayed
with Melissa and it was wonderful. God bless.

Richard - Clermont, Florida...   I am a new Catholic (convert) and love praying the
rosary!  I have an app for the iPhone (Laudate) and have been praying the scriptural
rosary recorded by Melissa.  It is my favorite!  I was searching for the audio to download
so I could pray even when I don't have a data connection.  I found your site and wanted
to send a donation to help you continue this work!  What a blessing it is to be connected
to the church, her saints, and our blessed Mother through the holy rosary!  It has been a
time of theological enlightenment as I pray, it has been a weapon against sin, and it has
brought me greater love in my heart for our Lord Jesus Christ and His church...and of
course, the poor of the world. Thank you so much for your ministry!!

Mary - North Attleboro,  Massachusetts...  I had asked a priest for suggestions for
my meditations for the Sacred Mysteries, when I pray the rosary, and he suggested I try
the Scriptural Rosary. I searched online and found your site. Tonight, 9/14/14 has been
my 3rd night using the text, and I wanted to thank you. It has added so much to my
prayers. I'm very grateful! God bless you!

Steve - Iceland...  Thank you for your very motivational Scriptural Rosary! Like very
many other people have said - its a great job superbly done. Thanks once again, for giving
us the internet site to pray the Scriptural Rosary. May you be blessed abundantly by
Jesus and Mary! How I wish I had been aware about your wonderful prayer web site
earlier. Steve, Iceland.

Julie - Tampa, Florida...  Thank you for this wonderful site. It is wonderful you have
such a response and the guest book is full to overflowing with people praying the
Rosary.  I am so happy I found your site. God Bless you!

Alex - Marietta, Georgia...  I am very grateful for your work on this site.  As a result
of the availability of the daily audio rosary I am able to pray the rosary on my way to
work every mourning.  This is a wonderful blessing to all of us and I pray you can
contiue your work. I have noticed that there has been little change to the site since last
year and in fact the audio rosaries do not yet mention Pope Francis.  I hope and pray you
are blessed with the time and resources to update the sites and recordings.  
God Bless,
(You are right Alex.  I have been pressed for time lately keeping up with the site.  
Hopefully that will change in the near future!)

Bella - Philippines... Thank you so much for this site. May you be more blessed and I
pray that more and more people around the world visit our site and pray the Holy Rosary
daily. I always like a scriptural Rosary. It makes it more meaningful to me. God bless us

Michelle - Limerick, Ireland... Melissa has a very clear and calming voice, I enjoyed
saying the rosary so much that I will definitely log onto this site for some time, thank
you for sharing the rich blessings with all of us. From just saying the rosary tonight I
have received great consoling and comfort. THANK YOU! Again, I feel very humbled by
the wise spiritual essences of all the people involved in the creation of this beautiful site.
May God bless all and each and every one that logs on here. Amen!!!

Bernie - Spring Lake, Michigan... Thank you for taking the effort to create and
maintain this Rosary site.  It is comforting to read about other Christian brothers and
sisters around the world praying the rosary.

Mary - Victoria, Australia... Melissa thank you for keeping me company for the past
year when reciting the daily rosary.I am a 58yr old widow whose children are all married
and left home and I live in an isolated area in a farm house so whether in the car
travelling or at home your scriptural rosary helps me focus and gives me someone to
pray with.I thank Our blessed Lord and Mother for this wonderful gift of yours and I
pray that God will continue to bless you and the work that you are doing that will
ultimately  save souls.In Jesus and Mary, Mary Anne Rowe.

John - Jacksonville, Florida... Our parish (ST. Joseph) has adopted your format for
the rosary. We have many different groups (Christ Renews His Parish, Nights of
Columbus, etc.) that use your site or your scriptural rosary format (we printed it out for
both the men's and lady's groups. This is why we have various numbers reporting into
your site.

Thank you for all you have done for us and the Blessed Family.

Char - Ohio... Thank you for this wonderful gift. It is now so easy to fulfill Our Lady's
request for a daily rosary and the scriptures help to keep my mind focused. Very

Lucy - Port Charlotte, Florida... Beautiful Scriptural Rosary with meditations and
well done. Thank you. I will pass it on. God bless you.

YH CHAN - Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia... Oh, Thank God for giving me a prompting to
recite the Rosary today after reciting today's devotion to the Divine Mercy Novena! I told
Jesus that I am going to honour Him by reciting today's Joyful Mystery to His Divine
Mercy.  Jesus' Father is so loving as by sending His only son to bring us salvation by
undergoing through the motions of the most cruel and painful death ever perpetrated on
man.  Is this not mercy and compassion for all of us? From the time of the Old
Testament, to the New Testament until Now?

YH CHAN - Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia... It makes praying the Rosary so easy and
convenient. Depending on the circumstances, now I have a choice to recite the Rosary
online or do it the manual way with the Rosary beads.  Most importantly, I can recite the
Rosary when I am on the move and away from home and in this way, I will not miss
reciting the Rosary.  Thank you and may God shine on your noble efforts!

Martin - England... Thank you Melissa, you have helped me to pray, and helped me to
realise how praying brings one closer to Our Most Blessed Lady. Since praying the
Rosary with you, I feel so close to the most Blessed Heavenly Queen. My Country
actually belongs to her.

Anne - New Zealand... I am a third order Franciscan Religious solitary, I love the
Rosary, I make Rosaries to give away and the Rosary is an important part of my daily
prayer life.  It was a delight to discover this website and Melissa's beautiful scriptural
Rosary recordings.  I have begun to make use of them during my own daily prayer time
as an aid to meditation for which purpose they are absolutely perfect.  Over time I've
tried out several Rosary recordings and have often been disappointed because they are
either spoken far too fast (It's prayer, not a race!), or else the person who has made the
recording has an irritating voice or a way of speaking which makes it difficult to maintain
a reflective state of mind.  Now at last I can say my search is at an end and add my
thanks for Melissa and her sweet voice.

Blessings always,

Anne Welborn eremita Deus.

Silvia - Hialeah, Florida... I am a secular Franciscan, third order. Now I am
eighty-four years old with a lot of old age ailments, including cataracts, and a foggy brain.
I love this version of the rosary because it is bible based, has traditional prayers, also
prayer for the Pope. I wish if parents would introduce their children to this version of the
Rosary and plan on having their friends over and maybe some fun things to do even once
a month, we would be creating an environment of love, peace, understanding, sharing,
suffering, forgiveness, obedience, humility. The Rosary is the best curriculum of God's
love for us. Also, we must not wait until we are old and wasted to realize this. We should
not waste our time fighting the government and other religions. Jesus and Mary does not
teach any the above. It is so important to listen, meditate, and then with the help of the
Holy Spirit live the Holy Spirit with everyone around us. I will pray that this website may
be the favorite of many looking for the goodness of Jesus and Mary in their lives.
Peace and all goodness,
Silvia, OFS

Troy - Sioux City, Iowa...
Just found this site three days ago and prayed the Scriptural
Rosary the last two days.  Yesterday without audio and today with the delightful and
sincere voice of the young lady.  I very much like her slow and devout way of praying the
rosary and it makes me slow down!  Her devout praying of the rosary also is an example
to me on how I should pray the prayers of the rosary when I pray without her audio
help.  Yesterday I prayed the other 15 decades of the rosary throughout the day while
driving to work and while I was walking to different chores at work and finished by
praying the last 5 decades of the day while coming home from work.  Today I will try and
pray more slowly like Melissa does in her recordings.  Thank you!  This is a wonderful
site and I love that it is totally dedicated to Our Lady's rosary.  God Bless You!!!!

Theresa - San Jose, California... Thank you so much for slowing down your
presentation of the rosary.  I hope to share this with my son, a marine.  The Lord has
provided a sense of peace in saying the rosary.  It is enhanced when I can listen along
with you or Melissa.  My thanks to all who have made this possible!  God bless!
(I haven't slowed down my recordings yet... I will when I record for the new pope.  The
faster paced recordings will remain for those that prefer them.)

Rita - Avon Lake, Ohio... The comfort I find in the rosary is enhanced from the calm,
gentle voice that I listen to while saying it.  Melissa's voice guides me through on days
my heart is too heavy to find the words.  I am buying more copies for people that I know
who will find comfort through Melissa's voice praying / guiding them through the rosary
during difficult times.  I am glad I found her.

Scott - Temecula, California... This web site is absolutely fantastic.  The scriptural
rosary is very detailed.  You have some good looking rosaries at great prices and some
books I will be back to buy.  Half-way through my visit to your site I have to tell you that
I felt the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit.  This site is the answer to some of
my prayers.  I will be using it to pray a scriptural rosary everyday.  I also plan on getting
one of those hoodies with your site information on it so I can be a walking and talking
billboard for your web site.  Needless to say I plan on informing everybody I know about
your site.  Thank You So Very Much!!!  May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the
love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be will you Bill, your entire family,
and everyone that comes into contact with this web site.  God Bless You, Scott

Bryan - Little Canada, Minnesota... My Name is Bryan and I was born on September
13th, anniversary of Our Lady's 5th Apparition at Fatima.  I went to Fatima twice first
time during the 1998 Marian Year and on the 13th of the month in August of 1988 and
again for October 13th, 1990.  I have made many pilgrimages and on September 13th,
2000, while on Mount Carmel in the Holy Land, I felt a calling to a Religious Order, I am
now a Third Order Carmelite and making Our Lady's Rosaries and leading the Rosary at
our First Saturday, Lay Carmelite Masses.  Pray for Me.  I have had three brain
aneurysm's and born with a hole in My heart.  I do three hrs. of Adoration a week, two of
them voluntarily.  Praying for all of you who use this site.

Michelle - Korea... Thank you so much for this site!  I've been trying to become less
lukewarm in my faith but I've been struggling with praying the rosary until a week or so
ago, when I found this website.  I have been praying it every couple of days since then
and today I was disappointed that I only was able to pray the rosary three times!  With
your help, I am gradually strengthening and deepening my prayer life and for that I am
truly grateful.  May God richly bless you and may He bless everyone who visits this

John - Jacksonville, Florida... Yesterday the 7th of October our parish was able to
say 94 rosaries (people) for the repeal of the culture of death in America. This was done
at a major intersection. There were two negative responses and many favorable honks
from passing cars. Let us praise Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit and thank Him for Our
Queen Mary.

Coronado Catholics - Coronado, Panama... We are a small parish
English-speaking in Coronado, Republic of Panama. We love the Scriptural Rosary and
we promote it on our website, in our Bulletin and we also get Rosary groups together to
pray the Scriptural rosary using your website.. Thank you so much. May our Lord and
our Blessed Mother bless you and your efforts abundantly.

Anthony - Eatonville, Washington... About two years ago someone gave me a
recording of Melissa reciting the Rosary,that has changed my life in so many ways and
has caused me to be utterly in love with the Rosary and now I have come across your
web site and have found where this recording came from and also found someone else, a
man's voice reciting the Rosary and I love that as well if you have contact with these two
please give them a big thank you and God Bless, and thank you for giving us this
wonderful website.
(Melissa often lead the rosary at daily mass.  I also became very inspired.  Then I decided
to create this website, even though Melissa and our church did not recite a scriptural
rosary.  Eventually, I gained the courage to ask her to record these scriptural rosaries and
she obviously did a fantastic job.  I have not spoken with Melissa since I volunteered in
Florida.  I hope she has obtained her goal of serving Christ as a nun.  Let's all pray that
she obtains what her heart desires!)

Berdie - Norwalk, California... I LOVE this version of the Holy Rosary! It allows me
to be transported to each specific site. I usually say several Rosaries a day and will be
making your site a favorite. God bless you for your endeavors!

David - Daventry, UK... Thank you so much for your ministry. As the only Catholic in
my family it can be hard to keep my devotional life going, and your Scriptural Rosaries
not only keep me company in my prayers, but reinforce why this prayer is so important.
God bless you all.

Donna - California... The other morning I went to pray my Rosary, but could not find
my Scriptural Rosary book anywhere.  In frustration, I searched for "online Scriptural
Rosary" on the internet, doubting that anything would come up... and there was your
wonderful website!  I still haven't found my own book, but now I prefer using your
website.  I shared your link and will continue to do so.  Thank you for taking the time to
make it; clearly, a labor of love for our Lord and our Lady.  May God richly reward you!

Catie - Denver, Colorado... Thank you for making this available.  It is helpful to me
to just listen to the Rosary when I am feeling stressed and incapable of actually saying it.

Diane - Orange Park, Florida... Thank you for this wonderful site. It's been a
blessing to me. I depend on Our Blessed Mother's Rosary to take the stresses away and
keep me calm. My heart is broken,this beautiful site has helped me to feel better. This
morning God answered a prayer for me while saying the Rosary. Thank you again God

Patricia - Alabama... Melissa yours is a truly worthy goal. Thank you for allowing me
this opportunity to celebrate the most holy Rosary of Our Lady. My life and all lives are
made meaningful through the mystery of Her rosary. I plan to use your site at least once
a day.
(Seems like a good time to thank Melissa again for making recordings for the site.  If you
haven't prayed with Melissa on her recordings... try it.  She is very, very good! - Bill)

Judith - Glacier, Washington... I prayed on the feasts of the Immaculate Conception
and again on the feast of Our Lady for Guadalupe that Mary would help me focus on the
Rosary in a new way, as i have always found my mind wandering during the prayers, and
she directed me to your site. Miracles have been unfolding rapidly as I say at least one
Rosary a day.  Thank you so much!  I am 70 years old, BTW and though I have been
devoted to Our Blessed Mother since childhood (with some serious lapses) this is the
first period of time I have said her beads faithfully.

Eddie - Rosemead, California... WITHOUT THE PRAYER OF THE  HOLY ROSARY

Kathleen - Lafayette, IN... Thanks to your site, thousands of Rosaries are being said
as our
Blessed Mother would have them said. We can't thank you enough for this.

John - Jacksonville, FL... Last Sunday October 2nd over 150 parishioners at my
church were able to say the rosary for the aborted and those thinking about abortion. All
in public at a busy intersection here in Jacksonville. Let's praise God for His gift of His
Son and Mary our Queen.

Pat - North Carolina... We have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament two days each
week after morning Mass.  A regular group spends the first 20 min. of adoration praying
the rosary together with a scriptural focus.  Over time this group has grown and the
depth of faith and closeness to Jesus and his Mother is felt by all.  What a wonderful way
to share the gift of the Rosary.


Josephine - Milwaukee, Wisconsin... I love praying the Scriptural Rosary online
as it keeps me focused.  Thank you for doing this great service.

Michael - Canton, Michigan... I read an article in "The Word Among Us" about
service members who were deployed to Afghanistan praying a Scriptural Rosary to help
them stay strong in a challenging time.  Each person referenced how it helped them grow
in their faith so I did a quick Google search and found this site.  I have been saying a
Scriptural Rosary daily for the last two weeks and find it very powerful.  Thank you for
allowing God to work through Mary, our Beloved Mother, and the people who run this
site.  God bless you and may many more find their way here through the Grace of God!

Mary - South Brunswick, New Jersey...  My son, a freshman in high school and I
decided as part of our Lenten sacrifice that we would pray the rosary every morning on
our 1/2 hour journey to school together.  I bought a scriptural CD so it would be easier
for me as I drove.  I was looking for something "fresh" to pray with all 3 of my children
during the 12-3 hours on Good Friday and came across your beautiful website.  This was
just what I was looking for to share something a little more meaningful with my
children.  God Bless!

Pat - North Carolina...  A friend in my Rosary Group shared this great idea.   Imagine
what might happen if every Catholic in the world would pray a Rosary on the same day!
We have an example in October of 1573, when Europe was saved from the invasion of
the mighty Turkish fleet, by the praying of the Rosary by all Christians!

So, on Good Friday, let us all pray a Rosary for peace in the world and the return of
moral values into our communities. If possible, please pray your Rosary between noon
and 3:00pm.

Also, please e-mail this message to every Catholic on your address list, and ask them to
pass it along to every Catholic on their lists. Let's unite in praying one of the most
powerful prayers in existence, for these intentions, on one of the holiest days in our
Church year.

Cristy - Manila, Philippines... I thank the blessed virgin Mary, our lady of the most
holy rosary for leading my steps to your website. I've been praying the rosary for a long
time and had been irregular for a long time also lately and sort of lost the fervor and
devotion I used to have but somehow the blessed mother wants me to get back on my
feet again and start all over again.... This time with much intensity and love through the
scriptural rosary...God bless you and may you continue to grow in favor in the eyes of

Justina - Norway... I have been searching for a more meditative way of praying the
rosary and I'm so happy to find your site. I have fully understood the real meaning of
praying the Holy Rosary.

Thomas - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario... I have been praying the rosary for many years,
but I really like the scripture settings for the meditation,  Thank you.

Mary - California... Super fast service, thank you!!  I find that praying the rosary  this
way is so much more intense; it's so much easier to stay focused and thus get more out
of it.  God Bless you, Bill, for this site and your lovely store!

Tim - Tinley Park, IL... This is the way we should pray the rosary.  Having a scriptural
comment before each Hail Mary helps to meditate on that special mystery.  It helps put
you in that scene. Thank you.

Ryckie - Charleston, South Carolina... Thank you, this site is very helpful to keep
from having floating thoughts while praying! Love the prayers at the end also!

Tina - Monroe, Louisiana... I love praying the Scriptural Rosary. It keeps my mind
from the world activities and stresses of the day. It helps to remind me of the wonderful
gifts and blessings our Lord Jesus has made for us.

Jarod - South Dakota... At my church we add The Memorare to the end of the rosary
just before the prayer to St. Michael. It is very inspiring to say and I think it would make
a nice addition to our rosary.

John - Jacksonville, Florida... Thank you! Mary is the daughter of our Father,
Mother of God the Son, Spouse to God the Holy Spirit and to top it off she is our Queen!!!
She is our best advocate next to Jesus.

Paula - Matteson, Illinois... I "discovered" the Scriptural Rosary years ago in a
Marian prayer book I purchased at a local Catholic bookstore.  I am a diabetic and in
recent years my sight has deteriorated somewhat to the point where it is difficult to read
even large print books without the aid of a magnifying glass.  Sadly, this resulted in my
praying the Rosary less and less.  Last week I visited your WONDERFUL website for the
first time.  I am able to read all of the prayers clearly and without difficulty so that I am
able to once again pray this beautiful Rosary without distraction.  May God bless you
abundantly for this precious and holy website!  

Mary - Madison, Alabama... I wanted to learn the Rosary, but was too embarrassed
to tell my "good Catholic" friends that say it that I needed help learning it!  The friends I
felt like I could ask, weren't strong enough in their faith to say it so they didn't know it
themselves.  Thank you for teaching many of us how to say what we should have learned
as children and always done!  God Bless you for helping people like me!

Barbara - New Jersey... I am a Methodist, but have been seeking more and more from
different Catholic sites and EWTN.  I feel drawn to learn more, your site helps with
saying the rosary, especially the scripture references.  I am trusting God to show me His
true path.  Thank you!

Victor - Plaquemine, Louisiana... I have been praying the scriptural rosary at your
site since July, 2009 (288 thru today).  Thank you so much for the site, it provides
tremendous inspiration.

Karen - Houma, Louisiana... I've been trying to have a devotion to praying the rosary
and was having problems because I didn't like just 'saying' the rosary.  I love your
scriptural rosary as I feel I am truly praying the rosary.  Thank you so much.

Rae - Navarre, Florida... Thank you so much for your site.  I prayed with your audio
version of the Scriptural Rosary today.  I was able to pray while adoring the blessed
sacrament online.  If interested, 2 choices for online adoration are available at
http://www.therealpresence.org/eucharst/pea/addition.html - both your site and theirs
are wonderful resources available for the homebound!  Thanks be to God.  O my Jesus, I
offer this for love of Thee, for the conversion of poor sinners, and in reparation for all
the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Thomas - West Des Moines, Iowa... This is a beautiful and well constructed web
page.  I use downloaded chant as background.  Added various reflective experiences may
help others with this most blessed of prayer experiences.  I love praying the rosary, and
this site is one I look forward to seeing as much as possible. I have it on my computers at
work, and recommend it to others often.  Praise the Lord for your work.

Psalm - Anaheim, CA... Excellent website!  I just started praying the rosary everyday
and it has taken my prayer and devotional life to a much deeper level and it also makes
me experience peace throughout my day.  It is nice to pray the rosary with the CD as it is
almost as if someone was praying with me.  God bless your ministry and may God be
In Christ I remain,

Victor - Hendersonville, NC... Since I discovered this site I have been praying the
Rosary daily.  The time I spend in prayer has become the highlight of my day, a time to
be alone with Our Mother Mary, and her Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus.  Thank you.

Toom - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario... A long time ago,my spiritual director, suggested,
that just saying the Our Father and Hail Mary, was not enough in saying the Rosary.  We
must meditate while saying the prayers. I have found that the Spiritual Rosary has
helped me to do just that. Thank you for putting it on the Internet, T.O'F.

Vito - Elkdale, PA... I became very ill in December.  I started praying the rosary and
my life is better today.

William - Bedford, OH... I began praying the scriptural rosary in 2001 and now I
definitely become part of each mystery. The time needed to achieve a devout prayer
increased and I found the scriptural rosary a rewarding way to begin each day. One
unusual thing happened when I started reciting this meaningful rosary...prior to praying
the scriptural rosary, I was very concerned about the time it would take to complete the
rosary...now the opposite occurs...time reciting the scriptural rosary is of little concern
because my priorities of this life are more in accord with God's Will.

Pat - Wilson, NC... I started the daily scriptural rosary fairly early...count about 2000
and pray daily.  When we travel I take a printed copy with me and add to the count when
I get back to the computer.  I have shared the site with devout friends in our parish and
will ask the pastor to include it in our bulletin.  The lower count could be due to others
who are on vacation.  If they, like me, continue using a printed copy when away from the
computer, perhaps you could encourage them to enter their count when they return.  
Good luck with your wonderful mission.

Brandi - Oklahoma City, OK... I am Eastern Orthodox and  I cannot tell you how
important it is to my day to listen and participate in the Rosary in the mornings.  It
makes me a better person throughout the day by focusing on the Gospels.  Thank you so
much for this thoughtful ministry.  

Connie - Milwaukee, WI... I love your scriptural rosary and have been praying with
you every day. I have prayed a daily rosary for years, but your recording is such a blessing
when one is feeling lonely or dry in spirit. Thank you!

Thomas - Toronto, ON... There are many truly great rosary sites on the web. Yours
rates at the top.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks and God bless.

Racquel - Nokomis, FL... I am very thankful for the opportunity to pray the scriptural
rosary with you.  It is a blessing to add the scriptures to praying.

Kevin - Gloucester, MA... I am happy to have assistance in praying the rosary. I listen
to Melissa, her voice is very soothing and helps me in my meditation efforts. I love the
scriptures strewn thoughout each decade which helps greatly in the meditative process
of the mystery. I believe there is a significant spiritual GRACE granted to those who
persevere and pray the Holy Rosary daily. God Bless You All and thanks.

Bob - Katy, TX... I've been to your site before, but for some reason today, actually took
the time to look at it thoroughly.  I was actually amazed at the ability to participate in the
rosary in an audio format.  This is the first rosary I have prayed in many, many years.  I
hope to return daily.  I have a real sense of enjoyment and fulfillment that I have been
missing for quite some time.  Thank you Bill.  Your brother, Bob.

Evelyn - Palmyra, MO ... I really did not like to pray the rosary before, but since I
discovered the Scriptural Rosary I look forward to it each morning.  It has more meaning
for me and I have someone to pray it with.

Gloria - Boise, ID ... I pray the rosary everyday, but I also pray the Divine Mercy.  
Think of all the additional prayers that would be added if you prayed the DMC right after
the rosary.  It would be 3 o'clock somewhere in the world.

Kathy - Corona, CA ... What a wonderful site.  I've just begun to say the rosary every
day and your site helps me to reflect on the mysteries in a more meaningful way.  Thank

Anjali - Punjab ... It's a wonderful site.  I am very lucky.  That is why I found this site.  
I love Jesus.  In this site I have many things to know about Jesus.

Nicole - Hollywood, FL ... I was glad to have found you on line, the Scriptural Rosary
is very, very helpful in my prayers.  Not to mention that I don't have to stress between
saying the prayers, trying to visualize the mysteries and move my beads...perhaps there
will be added some pictures of the Mysteries' scenes, I will definitely purchase it.

Marlene - Orlando, FL ... I really love praying the rosary with this website almost
every day.  God really is an awesome God.  I told my friends too and they love it!  GOD

Clarisse - Clearwater, FL ... The scriptural rosary has been a blessing for me.  I've felt
a need to pray the daily rosary and your website is answering this need and more so.  
God bless you!

Carol - Miami, FL ... I was very pleased with the rosary ... It is beautiful.

Wanda - Monroe City, MO ... I have enjoyed very much being able to pray along and
have the mysteries and prayers on the screen.  The last two days I have been able to only
get audio prayers without the visual to follow along.  Have you changed the program?  I
liked it the way it was.  
(Thank you Wanda.  I did change it by accident.  I've put it back
the way it was.  You should now be able to do the audio rosaries and follow along like
before if you wish.  Thanks for your help!)

Esther - Mesquite, TX ... I was very excited when I first found you and I always look
forward to visiting your website.  However, I have several Spanish speaking friends that I
told about you.  Can they get your website and books in Spanish?
(I previously tried a
translation software.  I'm told it was not exactly accurate so there are no additional
languages at this time.)

Denise - Milwaukee, WI ... I find that I have so much more peace of mind and I no
longer worry. I feel so filled with light.  It's so hard to explain, but I am so glad I found
you and your site.  God Bless you and all who are with this mission. (Navy Mom)

Ray - Bethlehem, PA ... Thank you so much.  The service and product was excellent,
not to mention the knowledge I have gained from your  web-site!  Oh, and thank you for
the wonderful free CD.  It was exactly as  advertised, amazing!  We need more people
doing the work of the Lord like you people, keep up the good work!

Myrtis - Fort Worth, TX ... Your website has made my daily rosary not just a rote
experience but one of reliving the joys and sufferings of Jesus and His Mother.  A
website you can trust.  A treasure to those that use it.

Robert - Pembroke Pines, FL ... This has proven to be a tremendous help to me.  It
takes away any doubts one may have about how to say the Rosary.  I thank you very
much and will visit the store often. By the way, the Rosaries I purchased are perfect.  
Thanks again.

Randy - La Fayette, GA ... As a protestant I had looked for a rosary to use while I
pray.  I had searched several options, but I finally settled on the scriptural rosary store. I
found the prices to be very good and the rosary to be just what I was looking for.  I also
appreciated the very quick mailing and the letter that accompanied my order. This is
truly a God centered business.

Carol - Howell, MI ... I received the scriptural rosary very quickly and I use it every
day.  I love it! Thank you.

Joan - Seffner, FL ... Thank you so much for this Rosary. I am very happy with this
rosary and the fast service I received. I selected this particular one for its construction, to
be used by my young grandson.  
(Note - this Missionary Rosary is our #1 selling rosary
and #4 overall item.)

Jimmie - Pendleton, OR ... I love it!

Carol - Miami, FL ... I love your website and will visit again...it is very helpful in
learning the prayers.

Anthony - Wilmington, DE ... This is truly the Lord's work!!!

George - Kirksville, MO ... I have been a lifetime Catholic but just within the last year
have I really begun to learn the Catholic faith.  I have seldom said the rosary and when I
did it was with little thought and understanding.  The scriptural rosary and its website
has helped me understand, believe and pray more deeply.  Thank you for your time and
efforts on this.

Mary - Milwaukee, OR ... I prayed a scriptural rosary but the web site wouldn't let me
submit it.
 I hope this doesn't happen a lot.  (Thank you Mary!  Nothing wrong with the
site, my instructions were just not clear.  Forgive me.  You must click inside the small
before hitting submit.  I have made some changes to the submission form.  
Hopefully this will help.  You are not the first person to have a similar problem.  Thanks
for your feedback and participation!)

Paul - Port St. Lucie, FL ... Happy I found the site (Luck) and will pass it on.  Thank

Cindy - Corapolis, PA ...  I often have trouble focusing my thoughts during the rosary,
but the scriptural rosary is of immense help in that regard.  I love this site and am
sending to every Catholic I know!

Denise - West Bend, WI ...  I am so glad I found this site.  I pray the rosary every day,
even after my old ones broke.  I then got a set of new rosaries from this site and love
them.  My niece called me today and thanked me for praying for her on my rosary and
always in my prayers.  She was given the help she really needed.  God bless you and
thank you.  God works in mysterious ways.  Don't stop these pages of hope and help to
those who are in need, and can be guided back to our Blessed Mother, and the Lord.  
Thank you all for your support and for taking the time to
inspire others with your feedback!  Use the form below if
you don't require a response.  If you would like a response,
please email me at

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