Breaking the record last week for most rosaries prayed in one week has got me excited.  It made me think of
ways to improve our results.  My thoughts turned to advertising.

When I first started the site I used google adwords.  Basically, you create an ad for certain search words and you
pay whenever your ad is clicked.  This can be very expensive but it helped rank our site as #1 on google for the
search term:  "scriptural rosary".

What this means is that I no longer have to pay to advertise the site to anyone searching for an online
scriptural rosary.  However, if you search simply for "rosary", the site is not listed on any page that I could find.  
Obviously, there are much more searches for "rosary" or "online rosary" than there are for "scriptural rosary".

So I've decided to try to fix this problem by purchasing a new domain named "rosarysite.com".

I will once again use google adwords to try to bring more visitors and to one day, hopefully, get this domain
toward the top of the first page for any search for the terms "rosary" or "online rosary".

You can help!  There are three ways.

First:  type in www.rosarysite.com to get to the site.  The more visitors to this domain the higher the ranking
should be.

Second:  Make a donation to help with advertising costs.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  Just use the
donation button below.

In the beginning, I hoped to have 1,000,000 rosaries or more prayed at the site.  It didn't take long to change
that goal to 100,000.  After last week, 1,000,000 doesn't seem quite so impossible.  So I'm going to try a little
harder.  If you can help, please do so.

Third:  Remember, your prayers for the site and its mission are always appreciated and a great way to support
the site.

Thank you and God Bless.


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